(14-16 JUNE 2015)

Last minute registrations are still possible for the WAIPA World Investment Conference in Milan, Italy. #WIC15Milan takes place in Palazzo Lombardia - Auditorium Testori. The three day conference takes place on the side-lines of EXPO Milan and centres on Converging best FDI strategies.

Renowned speakers from leading international organizations will talk about cross-border investment and the role of FDI in boosting productivity, enhancing human capital and in feeding the planet.

IPAs from all around the world, heads of financial institutions, leading politicians, academicians and Nobel laureates will participate, making this both a holistic and grand FDI event.

Some notable names include:
  • Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi
  • Director General of UNIDO, Li Yong
  • Vice Minister of Italy, Carlo Calenda
  • Nobel Laureate in economics, Michael Spence
  • World-renowned economist, Jean-Paul Fitoussi
  • Board Chair of IEDC, Joann Crary
  • Director, Division on Investment and Enterprise of UNCTAD, James ZHAN
The detailed agenda is available for download. Also, please keep checking our website and follow us on Twitter ( for the updated conference program. 

If you require any assistance please contact us at info@waipaorg. Please title your email inquiries as WIC15Milan.

Please visit to register online for WIC15Milan.

UNCTAD Workshop on Investment Policies and Promotion for Sustainable Development

Don't miss out on the training opportunity for Members at the conference on June 15, 2015. The Workshop on Investment Policies and Promotion for Sustainable Development will feature speakers like Paul WESSENDORP, Chief Investment Promotion Section, UNCTAD; Massimo MELONI, International Investment Expert, Investment Policy Reviews, UNCTAD.

This September, the UN General Assembly will set the sustainable development goals (SDGs) for 2030, which will focus international efforts in fighting poverty and addressing global development and environmental challenges. The SDGs will have major resource implications and investment promotion agencies (IPAs) will have a role to play in mobilizing investment for the SDGs.

The UNCTAD workshop will provide an overview of policies and practices to attract FDI for sustainable development based on UNCTAD's Investment Policy Reviews (IPRs), conducted in over 40 developing and transition economies, and more than 20 years of capacity-building activities in investment promotion. Some of the key policy lessons derived from the IPR programme's experience and from UNCTAD's Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development will be presented and discussed.

The session will also provide participants with insight into opportunities and tools for attracting investment in SDGs sectors, such as green FDI, as well as institutional and strategic changes that may be required.


WIC15Milan Participants will have the opportunity to visit EXPO Milan on Sunday 14 June, 2015. The meeting point will be at 4:00 pm in front of Principe di Savoia Hotel where a shuttle service will transfer participants to EXPO Venue. There will be a welcome Aperitif at the EXPO at the EU Terrace at 7:30pm on the same day. Please RSVP for this event to help us serve you better by emailing at with the subject EXPO Milan Visit.

Yours Sincerely,

WAIPA Permanent Secretariat